Database for Human Training
a glimpse into the databases used by artificial intelligence

by Marco Cadioli (2017_ongoing)

Database for human training presents a series of animated gifs that bring to light the faces of people contained in the databases with which the artificial intelligences were trained. These images were made to be seen by the machine, not by humans, and the project proposes an inversion of the point of view, positioning the viewer on the side of the machine during his training.
At a time when artificial intelligence is becoming ubiquitous and are increasingly present in our everyday life, it is important to ask what materials are basing their training because this process can be a sort of imprinting.

The  “Coloring Book for Kids and Young”  is part of the project, as another way to watch inside a database , allowing us to use the same materials for training both children and young artificial intelligence.

“Database for human training” is an ongoing research  by Marco Cadioli 


Basic Emotion – installation at Interfacce del Presente, BASE Milano, 2019